Philia Labs preventative solutions for mental fitness enable you to identify, quantify, monitor, manage and mitigate mental health risks in your workplace.

Philia Labs Solution


Until now we have had to rely on manual, subjective methods to measure and monitor your employee’s mental fitness for work.

Philia Labs’ preventative approach removes the guesswork and offers world first, clinically validated biometrics of mental fitness.

We can integrate seamlessly with your safety and risk management systems to enable real time monitoring and proactive response to avoid incidents and injuries, and to maintain employee health and wellbeing.

Our goal is to help your employees leave work feeling better than when they arrived.


Biostrap Evo

Convenience and ensuring complete data capture.

Easy, seamless data sync between wearable and app.

We provide premium data security; you control privacy and access.

Unobtrusive and easy to wear, even while you sleep.

Predicting and Protecting Mental Health