People with mental health concerns are falling through the cracks.

We need a clinically-validated biometric and monitoring system that confidently predicts and protects mental health.

The Solution

World First Stress Biomarker

Philia Labs’ proprietary biomarker is captured painlessly and effortlessly via a sensor in a medical-grade wearable.

Data goes into an algorithm in our cloud, plotting a continuous feed that can be accessed by individuals, clinicians and/or organisations to support management and clinical decisions.

It’s like having a physician on your wrist, where you can both see what’s going on in real time.

Philia Labs | Stress Biometric

How we do it

Our Proactive Biofeedback & Monitoring Solution


Our proprietary biomarker is a correlate of the gold standard measure of physiological stress: sympathetic arousal


Our proprietary algorithm creates a continuous feed of accurate data 

Data management

Data is transported via instantly via Bluetooth to Philia’s cloud for quick access

Process seamlessly

Data feeds are accessed by authorized people via a web portal and mobile app


De-identified data is stored in confidential, secure, encrypted servers


Our algorithm is a medical device pending TGA approval and compliant with ISO 13485 standards for medical devices