Meet the team

We are a team of scientists, engineers and human resource professionals, who believe in one ethos: it must be possible to quantify stress and to place it in the right hands, so that better stress management can be enabled.

Dilpreet Buxi

– Principal Software Engineer

Chronic stress is like a sports injury – it often affects us in subtle but malignant ways and all too often, we do not notice the consequences until our bodies and minds have been psychologically or physical damaged. It is my life’s mission to develop wearable technologies to objectively measure mental stress. If one can measure something, chances are that something can be managed.

I’ve worked with terrific engineers, doctors and psychologists in Germany, The Netherlands and now Australia. My educational background includes an MSc. in Electrical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and a Ph.D. in Electronics / Biomedical Engineering from Monash University (Australia).

Alexander Senior

– Principal Software Engineer

Stress can be an insidious affliction, affecting your body as much as your mind – and the worst part is you don’t know how much it’s impacting your life until it’s already taken its toll. This is something I know from personal experience, and has driven me to provide others with tools to make sure they don’t suffer the same hardships as I did.

I have benefitted from a diverse education, beginning with undergraduate studies in both science and engineering (BEng, Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, and BSc, Maths and Physics), and continuing that on in postgraduate studies that have allowed me to collaborate with academics from international institutions in Sweden and Malaysia.

Outside of the lab, you’ll find me either getting my nerd on in a tabletop role-playing game, shooting aliens in a video game or getting lost in a good book!


Operations Advisor

I’m a Human Resource and Organisation Development professional that has worked in consulting and well as an internal HR head. I’m most energised working with start-ups with a good value proposition and an element of altruism. I spend my time studying high performance cultures, found in corporate settings as well as the athletic playing field.

The appropriate amount of effort or stress managed well, is a catalyst to employee and company growth. However, as an unmanaged default state, can diminish performance in all areas, and prove to be costly. I have a business degree majoring in management and marketing, and have a string of certifications related to professional and personal growth.

When I’m away from the office, I enjoy family time outdoors, pro-bono coaching, and training for the next ultramathon.

Kati Sarafrazi

Machine Learning Engineer

I am a machine learning engineer with a PhD and MSc from Shiraz University in Iran.