Philia Labs Gold Standard Physiological Stress Biomarker

About Philia Labs

Our team of experts and world leading professionals has significant experience in the innovation, development and commercialisation of digital products, having worked with well-known companies including IMEC, Pfizer, IBM, USFDA, CSIRO and Monash University.

The Philia Team

Gyan Barik | CEO Philia Labs

Gyan BaRIk

Chief Executive Officer

David Lester

Strategy & Medical Affairs

Melanie White | Philia Labs

Melanie White

Head of Growth & Engagement

Dilpreet Buxi

VP Research

Alexander Senior

VP Product Engineering

Nick Mellor | Engineer, Philia Labs

Nick Mellor

Integration Engineer

Non-Executive Directors

Mark Phillps

Non-Executive Director

Alex Fowkes | Philia Labs Non Executive Director

Alex Fowkes

Non-Executive Director

Our Advisors

MS. Emma Cushing

NSW Health Engagement

Ms. RAjna Bogdanovic

Clinical Psychologist

MR. Ben Steer

Pharmaceutical / Health Technology Executive

Dr. Alexandra Crosswell

Assistant Prof. Psychiatry UCSF Weill Inst. Neurosciences

Dr. Vinyak Smith

Clinical Scientist and Innovator

Dr Lauren Whitehurst UKTY


Assistant Prof. Psychology UKTY Cognitive Science  



Our vision is to prevent chronic stress from becoming a mental health crisis with accurate, specific biomarker and analytics that can help predict and protect mental health.